Whack Your Ex

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About Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex is a light-hearted and humorous game that offers players an outlet for venting frustrations. The game presents various comical and over-the-top ways for players to ‘whack’ their ex-partner in a cartoonish fashion. It’s a fun and cathartic game that’s meant to provide comic relief.

The joy of the game lies in discovering all the different ways you can ‘whack’ your ex. Each option reveals a unique, animated scenario that adds to the overall humor and entertainment. These amusing scenarios, coupled with the cartoonish art style, make the game a light-hearted stress reliever.

While the game does involve cartoon violence, it’s intended to be taken lightly and in a spirit of good humor. Whack Your Ex is a game that’s perfect for those seeking a humorous, stress-relieving experience.