Idle Gladiators

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About Idle Gladiators

Idle Gladiators invites players into a realm where they can immerse themselves in the ancient art of gladiatorial combat. This game brings a unique twist to the traditional idle clicker gameplay, by introducing elements of strategic decision-making. You are put in charge of managing your own gladiator school.

Your main task in this game is to train your gladiators, providing them with the skills and equipment they need to succeed in the arena. You also need to send them out to compete, bringing prestige to your school. The gladiators earn money over time, allowing you to further invest in their training and equipment.

The depth of Idle Gladiators’ gameplay is one of its main attractions. This game tests your management and strategic skills. How will you allocate your resources? Which gladiator will you send to the arena next? These are questions you need to answer as you try to run the most successful gladiator school in the land.